Talen Energy Stadium

Union Cannot Find First Win of Season in Game Against Montreal

Chester, PA Whether it be fresh-cut grass, recently bloomed flowers or the aftermath of an afternoon rainstorm, springtime in southeastern Pennsylvania usually smells great.  Take a stroll through Chester, however, and you might catch a whiff of something a little unpleasant.  And, no, it’s not the Delaware river, but rather the Philadelphia Union.  They stink. […]

Pick and Roll Podcast: April 22

Pick and Roll Podcast: April 22

The Pick and Roll Podcast follows up with their predictions just 1 week into the NBA Playoffs. The guys discuss each series. Will Boston bounce back? Can the Blazers or Pacers win a game? What effect will Blake Griffin’s injury have on the Clippers postseason run? This and more on this edition of the Pick […]

NFL Quick 6: Week 7

Arian Foster retires. How will he be remembered?   Kevin: Foster will go down as one of the greatest undrafted RBs of all-time (Even though I just found out that Pries Holmes was undrafted as well). And Foster was a guy who started 3 years for an SEC school in college. Teams don’t usually miss […]

Pick and Roll: 2016 NBA Playoffs First Round Recap

In this edition of the Pick and Roll Podcast, Bill and Kevin recap the first round of the playoffs, discuss the futures of the 8 losing teams, and give predictions for the second round! Will the guys stick with their NBA Finals predictions?  

Lehigh vs. Dartmouth Baseball Highlights and Full Broadcast (Game 1)

Lehigh vs. Dartmouth Baseball Highlights and Full Broadcast (Game 1)

Lehigh took on Dartmouth in the first game of a doubleheader at the Chain of Lakes Stadium in Winter Haven, FL, the former spring training home of the Cleveland Indians. Tune in to the highlights in the window below, and the podcast of the full broadcast two windows below.

Bracket Breakdown (1/23/2014)

Bracket Breakdown is an examination of all 68 NCAA tournament bids, a prediction of which teams will get into the tournament, and what seeds teams will receive.  Bracket Breakdown will be posted every week until Selection Sunday. (In this particular Bracket Breakdown, 22 conference winners are predicted to receive auto-bids that otherwise would not have. […]

Significant Digits: Your daily preview on what to look for in Olympic Track and Field

270 is the final significant digit for our last segment of “Significant Digits” and our Olympic Athletics previews. This number is representative of the approximate number of Kenyans who hit the IAAF standard to compete in the Olympic marathon. Despite this staggering number of qualifiers, Kenya is still only able to send 3 competitors to […]