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Pick and Roll Podcast: June 6, 2017

Shane Roxberry joins the guys to discuss the first two games of the NBA Finals and the NBA draft. Can the Cavs make a comeback? Will Fultz go #1? Who should the Sixers take at #3? The guys finish by discussing bold draft predictions and draft-day trade scenarios. This and more on this edition of the Pick […]

Pick and Roll Podcast: May 21

Pick and Roll Podcast: May 21

Bill and Kevin talk about the NBA Conference Finals and their lack of competitiveness. They also discuss the possible futures of Gordon Hayward and Kyle Lowry in the offseason and preview the NBA Finals despite the fact that the Conference Finals are not over yet. Finally the discuss the NBA Lottery and the “predictable” outcome […]

Pick and Roll - May 7th

Pick and Roll – May 7th

Bill and Kevin review the results of the first round of the NBA Playoffs. Is this the last of the Clippers team? What happened to the Bulls? Then the discuss the second round and the dominance of the Warriors and Cavaliers. Is their match-up inevitable, or can either team fall before the NBA Finals? These […]