Bob Long

Bob Long, Founder, President, Radio Show Host

Bob Long, Founder, President, Radio Host

My name is Bob Long (Twitter: @boblongsports), and I am the Founder and President of Bob Long Sports.  I am the primary writer, reporter, and Radio Show Host for boblongsports.com.  I began this sports website in December of 2009, and have been running it ever since.  Bob Long Sports features Opinion Articles, Live Sporting Event Radio Broadcasts, a weekly Radio Show, Top 25 rankings for both College Basketball and College Football, and much more.  I have experience covering every type of sports event or story, including: College Basketball, College Football, MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, and much more.  In addition, I have dived into the world of investigative journalism.  Bob Long Sports was a news leader in the Jerry Sandusky scandal that erupted in November 2011, and readers can check out many articles that I broke on the issue.  If you love sports and are seeking interesting opinions about the hottest current sports issues, you will enjoy this website.  The site’s contents are tailored to any type of sports fan, and I hope you enjoy reading and listening.

I am the host of the BLS Radio Show, a once a week show dedicated to the biggest sports issues, especially those off the field, likened to an “Outside the Lines” type show.  We have had guests such as Mike Missanelli, Cory Giger, Chris Wheeler, Rece Davis, and Mike Quick on Bob Long Sports.  Tune in weekly to hear my unique and sometimes controversial opinions about sports on the radio. All podcasts can be found HERE.

In addition, you can catch me weekly on Vuvuzela! The World Soccer Show, the first and only soccer radio show on the AM dial in Philadelphia. We are on 610 WTEL ESPN and can be heard from New York through Washington DC on your radio dial. You can check out all the Vuvuzela! broadcasts HERE.



Kevin McClernand

Kevin McClernand, NBA Contributor, Draft Expert, Radio Host

My name is Kevin McClernand and I reside in Colorado Springs, Colorado, working for Lockheed Martin, and am a graduate of Penn State University. I started writing for Bob Long Sports in April 2011 and I now, along with Bill Golden, host the Pick and Roll Podcast on BLS. I also update the site’s NBA and NFL Mock Draft pages that will continue to be updated up until the drafts occur. I mainly focus on the NBA, College Basketball, and the NFL.



Bill Golden

Bill Golden, Pick and Roll Podcast Host

Bill Golden, Pick and Roll Podcast Host

My name is Bill Golden and I live in Coral Gables, Florida, studying at the University of Miami School of Law. I started working with Bob Long Sports in the spring of 2013 and I currently co-host the Pick and Roll Podcast with Kevin McClernand. Although our podcast mainly covers the NBA, I also enjoy delving into NCAA football, NCAA basketball, and the NFL.



 Rob Stott

Rob Stott- Color Commentator

Rob Stott, Color Commentator

What’s up sports lovers? My name is Rob Stott. I’m a born-and-raised Philadelphian who makes a living as a content editor at NAPCO Media in Center City. I joined Bob Long Sports in the fall of 2015 as Bob looked to expand the team in the booth for Philadelphia Catholic League football games. Beyond the work I do that helps pay the bills, I’m the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Fully Covered Sports, a website I launched that gives me a platform from where I can scream into the abyss that is the internet about my passion for all things sports. You’ll find news, opinions, as well as a weekly fantasy football podcast.

Don Park

Don Park

Don Park, Website Director

My name is Don Park and I am the Website Director of Bob Long Sports. I have been a web developer since 2000 and have helped consult multiple companies and organizations on their internet campaigns. I began work with Bob Long Sports back when the website first launched on WordPress.com. Since then, I have been involved as Bob’s advisor in Bob Long Sports web-interface, recommending him software and services that has brought Bob Long Sports to where it is now.

Throughout my role as the Website Director I manage the website’s back-end, fixing any minor or major bug issues, and generally keeping the website running. My future goal for Bob Long Sports is to assist Bob on his venture to expand the franchise’s name and to allow every reader access to the website. For any questions, comments, concerns, or bugs please feel free to contact me.

If you would like to speak with any member of our team, feel free to Contact Us.


BLS Correspondents

We cannot do our job to provide dynamic radio programming and put out the most complete sports radio entertainment with just the people listed above. When issues or stories come up in certain sports, we will bring on our correspondents who have an affinity for and strong knowledge around these subject matters. Look for these guests on an upcoming broadcast!

Sean Hannon – College Football (Former University of Notre Dame Head Football Manager)

Wade Brogdon – College Football (Former Carnegie Mellon University Football Player)

Ryan Connelly Holmes – Social Issues (Reporter – Medill News Service)

Eric Nash – Soccer (Vuvuzela! The World Soccer Show Host)

Ryan Hogan – Track and Field (Elite Athlete Coordinator – Pittsburgh Marathon)

Tom Trainer – Track and Field (Villanova University Varsity Cross Country/ Track and Field)

Rob Denault – Track and Field (Villanova University Varsity Cross Country/ Track and Field)

Andrea Daly – Golf (Assistant Pro – Pinehurst)

Kyle Martin – Golf (University of Delaware Varsity Golf)

Matt Trabold – College Basketball – (National Analyst – City of Basketball Love)

Ryan Smith – Hockey (Voice of the Madison Capitols hockey team)

Kevin Long – College Baseball (Lehigh University Baseball)

JB Haglund – Cycling (Lower Merion High School Sprinting Coach)


How We Got to Where We Are Today

Without the help of these folks, who have since moved on from their roles at BLS, we would not have grown to where we are today. Join me in celebrating the great folks below who have helped to advance the BLS brand and grow throughout the years.

Chris Pierangeli – Former VP and Host of BLS Radio Show and Philly’s Phinest

Brian McSorley – Former Co-Host of Nittany Lion Sports Report

Stephen DiDamo – Former Co-Host of Nittany Lion Sports Report

Tanner Fitzgerald – Former BLS Radio Show Co-Host

Grift Krehnbrink – Former BLS Radio Show Co-Host

Jayce Duquette – Former BLS Basketball Color Commentator

Alex Chrostowski – Former BLS Soccer Correspondent

Eric Krakauer – Former BLS Soccer Correspondent


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  1. Matt Miller

    I am no doubt seeking interesting opions, hence I am now an avid follower of this blog, Bob the people want an in depth blog posting about Tiger Woods

  2. Bob Long

    See December 3rd posting, “Tiger Woods”. The news that came out yesterday is still fairly mucky, but I will give another posting about the new developments very soon, if not today or tomorrow.

  3. Michael Cassidy

    Wonderful picture, Bob. You look great. God bless you.

  4. Michael Cassidy

    Hello Bob, this is Mr. Cassidy. Michael and Jimmy L. told me about your blog and I am enjoying reading it, even though I can’t stand Villanova. I am, however, a big fan of Chris Whitney, so I was rooting for VU football this year. I am enjoying your opinions and writing style but would look even better if our Fightins were covered. Keep up the good work and Happy New Year. Mr. Cass

    1. Bob Long

      Thanks for the thoughtful comment, and I will see what I can do about adding some Phillies material. I posted about the Roy Halladay deal and subsequent trading of Cliff Lee 12/15, titled “The Phillies Big Deal,” if you are interested. Thanks again and I hope you enjoy reading.

  5. Julia Hennessey

    you definately have a talent asa sports analyst. your blog is def interesting to read and i look forward to following it. keep up the good work bob!

  6. ReadersHeaven

    Hi, nice to meet you !

  7. Turd Ferguson

    Hey Bob, this is Turd, I noticed that you claim to have experience in covering every sport, but I noticed a distinct absence of a large genre of sports. Where are the women’s athletics coverage? As a huge enthusiast for women’s sports I am extremely disappointed by the lack of coverage. I expect more from you, Bob.

  8. Kristen Prazenica

    Turd’s comment is pretty harsh. As I’m currently listening to the podcast on the World Series, most of the callers are in fact male. Therefore, I don’t think it’s unreasonable that the majority of the coverage pertains to males as the primary audience is them in essence. It would be neat to see a female feature though :-). Like the website a lot!

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