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One response to “Video: La Salle vs. North Penn Football Game Broadcast”

  1. Mike Hirschmann

    Hey Bob,

    I want to commend you on your website and the Lasalle football broadcast. As the father of a player “Colin Hirschmann” I had the opportunity to re-visit the game after watching it live and your content and commentary made it even better.

    This group of seniors is a very special group of young men which makes this an even more exciting to watch. Personally, watching my son as an Explorer is even more interesting given I’m one of 6 boys who all played football at Archbishop Wood in the late 70’s through through the 80″s – a Hirschmann as an Explorer was a culture shock for the family, Ironically, I made him go to Wood his Freshmann year but he wouldn’t have any of it and insisted on heading to LaSalle his Sophmore year.

    Great job, thank you and keep up the great work!

    Mike Hirschmann

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