Pick and Roll Podcast: May 21

Bill and Kevin talk about the NBA Conference Finals and their lack of competitiveness. They also discuss the possible futures of Gordon Hayward and Kyle Lowry in the offseason and preview the NBA Finals despite the fact that the Conference Finals are not over yet. Finally the discuss the NBA Lottery and the “predictable” outcome of system that should not be predictable. Is the the NBA Lottery rigged? Will LeBron and the Cavs repeat as NBA Champions? These and more on this edition of the Pick and Roll Podcast.

My name is Kevin McClernand and I reside in Colorado Springs, Colorado, working for Lockheed Martin, and am a graduate of Penn State University. I started writing for Bob Long Sports in April 2011 and I now, along with Bill Golden, host the Pick and Roll Podcast on BLS. I also update the site’s NBA and NFL Mock Draft pages that will continue to be updated up until the drafts occur. I mainly focus on the NBA, College Basketball, and the NFL.

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