Pick 6: Wild Card Round

  1. The dynamic quarterbacks of Matt Moore, Connor Cook, and Brock Osweiler all get the start this weekend. Who will play the best?

Kevin: Well even though he will have the most difficult time winning the game, I think Matt Moore will put up the best stats. Nobody is afraid of that Steeler defense, so Moore should have some success.

Bill: I think Connor Cook is going to surprise just because he is surrounded by a ton of talent. But I agree that Moore will probably have the best stats. I think he probably throws a pair of INTs which will keep them from winning.


  1. The Browns won a game! The Vikings didn’t make the playoffs!

Kevin: Common topics in our Pick 6 this year, so we have to mention them. The Viking defense just couldn’t carry the team the whole season and they finished their last 11 games at 3-8 (YIKES!). Also good for us Eagles’ fans who benefit with the 14th overall pick. Good for the Browns, now hopefully they don’t screw up their 1st overall pick along with the 12th overall pick from the Eagles.

Bill: Nothing makes me happier about this season than the Vikings not making the playoffs. I LOATHE Bradford and cannot wait to watch him be a backup for the rest of his career.


  1. Giants and Chiefs: Pretender or Contender for the Super Bowl?

Kevin: I think both are Contenders. Normally I would say that the Chiefs would not be able to make it with their lack of offense, but we saw the Broncos win last year. As for the Giants, the Cowboys are scared.

Bill: The Giants are going to lose in the first round (please please PLEASE). The Chiefs are definitely contenders but I don’t see the Pats losing.


  1. MVP, who ya got?

Kevin: If Tom Brady is in the discussion, I don’t know why Le’Veon Bell isn’t in it also. I think Matt Ryan wins it though, and deservedly so. 38 TDs, only 7 INTs, and lead the Falcons to a bye.

Bill: It should go to Kahlil Mack. I agree that it will go to Matt Ryan. Let the players vote please.


  1. Will Dak continue to impress or crumble under the Playoff pressure?

Kevin: I wouldn’t say crumble, but I think there will be a point where he will need to make a big throw and he just won’t complete it. Nothing against him, but he is a rookie who I just don’t think can make those throws.

Bill: I agree that he cannot make the tougher throws. I think that team is so good all around that it’s just about not screwing up.  


  1. Super Bowl Predictions

Kevin: Really up in the air this year on both sides. I will say Patriots over Giants and Brady gets his revenge on Eli and Goodell.

Bill: Pats over Pack. Screw you Goodell.


Extra Point or Go for Two?

Year Total: Bill leads 14-11



Raiders (Bill) @ Texans (Kevin)

Lions @ Seahawks (Kevin) (Bill)

Dolphins @ Steelers (Kevin) (Bill)

Giants (Kevin) @ Packers (Bill)

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