NFL Quick 6: Week 13

1. The AFC South is all bunched up at the top now. Titans, Texans and Colts are all 6-6. Who wins the division?

Kevin: The Texans thought that they had their solution to their QB problem with Brock, but that doesn’t look like he is it. I will pick the Colts because they have the best QB and they are starting to get hot.

Bill: Texans all the way. Luck is good, but the rest of his team is hot garbage. The Texans will return to the playoffs this year. I feel bad for them going forward at QB after paying Brock so much.

2. The Browns are running out of time to win a game this season. The good news (?) is that RGIII is coming back this week and starting. Will they finish 0-16?

Kevin: Well they aren’t winning in Pittsburgh in Week 17. I will say they win Week 16 at home against the Chargers. They will be desperate for a win that week and a desperate team is always a dangerous team in the NFL.

Bill: They will not go 0-16. They will find a way to win a game this year. I am also unsure of whether RG3 returning is good, but I’m confident it’s not bad. He needs to learn how to scramble less and slide early when he does scramble.

3. The Bucs are now tied with the Falcons and in the 6th seed. Will Jameis lead this team to the playoffs?

Kevin: Call me crazy, but I still think the Cardinals will grab that 6th seed. As for the division? I’ll take the Falcons.

Bill: You’re crazy. The Cardinals are not good. The Bucs will make the playoffs.

4. MVP, who ya got?

Kevin: I think Kahlil Mack has a legit argument, but obviously they will never give it to a defensive player. The fact that the Lions have a 2 game lead in the division has to mean something. It is the Lions! Stafford lost a HOF receiver and he is leading this team into the playoffs. Stafford is the MVP so far.

Bill: Kahlil Mack should win MVP. He is carrying that defense and team at certain times. I do agree that he will not win it. Derek Carr is the QB of the best story in football. Losing the division hurts his chances, so they must win the division if he’s going to get it. That comeback would be the perfect storm. But let’s be real. This thing is going to Dak or Zeke. (P.S. don’t sleep on Thomas Brady).

5. Redskins are struggling down the stretch and blowing their playoffs chances. You like that?!?

Kevin: Oh yes I like that! Let them miss the playoffs and bring D-Jax back to Philly in the offseason.

Bill: They are not a good football team. Jackson will 100% be an Eagle next year regardless. If they make the playoffs, they’re losing in the first round.

6. Adrian Peterson says he will return to the Vikings if they are still in contention. That means that there’s a chance he comes back. Is he human?

Kevin: I’m not so sure he is human. He tears up his knees and then comes back better than before and quicker than he supposed to. It is incredible if he does it again.

Bill: He is definitely NOT a human being. Also his knee is made of tissue paper. Still think the Vikings are making the playoffs Kev? Nice cop out.

Extra Point or Go for Two?
Year Total: Bill leads 14-11 (All correct picks last week, Bill 5- Kevin 5)

PAT: Texans @ Colts (Kevin)
2 Point Conversion: Raiders (Bill) @ Chiefs

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