NFL Quick 6: Week 12

1. It has been a long time, Bill. Last time we did this, the Eagles had a good defense. What has happened to their defense?

Kevin: They just aren’t getting the pressure that they need. I think Jenkins has shown his age, and even though he is still good, he appears to be a step slower this year. They need to address the corner situation after the season, but only AFTER they focus on getting some talent at the skill positions for Wentz.

Bill: I think the defense is the same as it was. They are still top 10 in yards allowed and 5th in points allowed. They are bending the same but breaking a little more. The corners are the only weakness but I’ll be livid if they don’t upgrade at running back, add two wide receivers, and bolster the offensive line first.

2. How bout them Dolphins!?! Wait that sounds weird, how are they the 6th seed right now?

Kevin: Their schedule has certainly helped, but a 6 game win streak in this league is difficult to accomplish. The AFC West is going to beat each other up in the last weeks of the season, so the Dolphins have a good chance if they can get to 10 wins. They aren’t catching the Pats in the division.

Bill: Not going to lie. I actually had to look this up because I thought you were wrong for sure. They will NOT make the playoffs. 2 of the following will be the 5 and 6 seeds: Broncos, Steelers, Chiefs.

3. Cowboys have now won 10 straight and are rolling, but are they favorite to win the NFC?

Kevin: No. It can certainly be because I am an Eagles fan, but I still don’t believe this team is as good as their record. Their next 4 games are against teams fighting to get into the playoffs, so we will see who they truly are soon. Seattle is still the favorite in my book in the NFC.

Bill: The Cowboys are teetering on becoming the most overrated team OF ALL TIME. They are VERY GOOD but they are not as good as their record says they are. Seattle is the favorite in the NFC. The Falcons are also better.

4. The Broncos attempted a 62 yard field goal with just over a minute left in OT last week. What was Kubiak thinking?

Kevin: The Broncos have a very good defense, but you can’t give a team that you are fighting with for a playoff position/division such an easy chance to beat you. It has to be up there with one of the dumbest decisions all year. They would have been better off pinning the Chiefs deep and going for the tie.

Bill: This was the worst coaching decision I’ve seen in a long time. Going for it would have been a better choice! What a moron. Alex Smith doesn’t throw the ball more than 2 yards at a time anyway! I would have loved (as Denver’s defense) to force him to attempt downfield throws! Shoot, they may have gotten the ball back rather quickly. Maybe Von Miller gets a strip-sack-fumble! Kubiak sucks.

5. Are the Cardinals done?

Kevin: No way! They are 2 games back from the 6th seed in the NFC, and they have the chance to play that team, Washington, this week! If they win that game still have a chance. They will have to win their last 5 games to go 9-6-1, but if they do I think they earn a playoff spot. Their biggest problem will be at Seattle in Week 16 though. NOT EASY!

Bill: Cooked. They stink. Romo?

6. And we have to talk about the Vikings. It has been too long! Will the Vikings make the playoffs?

Kevin: They still have the Jags, Colts and Bears on their schedule. The FPI also favors them this week against the Cowboys. Since Washington has a tie on their record, Minnesota will have to go 10-6 to get in. And they also have the tiebreaker over the New York Football Giants. Right now, I would bet on them to make it.

Bill: :) Come on Kev. Give up already! The Vikings stink! I told you since Week 1.

Extra Point or Go for Two?

Year Total: Bill leads 9-6

THIS WEEK: Let’s do 3 picks this week. Definitely because we have missed a few weeks and not because I am far behind… (Bill: wow…)

1st TD:

PAT: Rams @ Patriots (Kevin, how can I not?) (Bill… don’t blame me for also picking the Pats, they should never be in here, especially when playing the Rams)

2 Point Conversion: Eagles @ Bengals

2nd TD:

PAT: Giants @ Steelers (Bill)

2 Point Conversion: Washington @ Cardinals (Kevin)

3rd TD:

PAT: Broncos (Kevin) @ Jaguars

2 Point Conversion: Cowboys (Bill) @ Vikings

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