NFL Quick 6: Week 7

  1. Arian Foster retires. How will he be remembered?


Kevin: Foster will go down as one of the greatest undrafted RBs of all-time (Even though I just found out that Pries Holmes was undrafted as well). And Foster was a guy who started 3 years for an SEC school in college. Teams don’t usually miss guys like Foster, but he never gave up in his pursuit. Also the injuries…


Bill: I would say he’ll be remembered for the injuries. And as another guy who bowed out with a lot of talent at an early age. This trend is going to continue to grow as many players feel the game is not worth the risk after getting paid millions of dollars.


  1. The Cardinals and Seahawks tied last week. I fortunately did not watch this game, because I heard it was brutal. Should there be ties in the NFL?


Kevin: Russell Wilson suggested one team kicks a 50+ yard field goal after OT is over to decide the winner. It would be do or die too. WHAT?!? That is worse than a shootout in hockey and soccer. Let them tie. If neither team can score a single point in OT then neither deserve the W.

Bill: Ties in pro sports are almost as bad as participation trophies. It needs to go ASAP. Guarantee each team a possession and then first to score wins if it’s still tied.

  1. Ravens now lost 4 straight after starting 3-0. Will Harbaugh be the coach in Week 17?

Kevin: The way they are losing close games the past two years does not look good. Someone is to blame, and I think the Ravens are refusing to believe that it is Flacco. I think Harbaugh finishes the season, but not so confident he is there next year.

Bill: I’m with you. I think the Ravens are a decently run organization but it seems that pro coaching jobs are becoming increasingly tough to keep. This team has lost every game this year by 1 possession. I believe almost every one of their losses last year was the same. Unreal. They should not fire Harbaugh.

  1. The NFC East received a lot criticism for being possibly the worst division in the league. Where does the division rank in the league?

Kevin: Best in the NFC and 2nd best behind the AFC West in the league. There’s no dreadful team in the division, and even though I don’t think the Cowboys are great, their record is still 5-1.

Bill: I’m very surprised by this division. I’m not sure this is the second best division in the NFL but I can’t necessarily disagree. The Cowboys are great. They were great last year but were missing a quarterback. Dak is not special, that offensive line is. The Cowboys should win this division without trouble.

  1. If the Panthers lose this week they are finished, right?

Kevin: I think their chances would be below 1%. At 1-6 it would be almost impossible for them to make the playoffs.

Bill: I still believe this team is special but a loss this week will eliminate them from the playoffs.

  1. The Bills beat the Patriots on the road without Tom Brady. Can they make it a sweep this week at home?

Kevin: I actually think the Bills win this week! This isn’t sarcasm! I swear!

Bill: No clue if you’re serious or not. I’ll Take the Pats.


Extra Point or Go for Two?


1st TD:

PAT: Bengals @ Patriots

2 Point Conversion: Chiefs (Kevin) @ Raiders (Bill)

2nd TD:

PAT: 49ers @ Bills (Bill)

2 Point Conversion: Eagles (Kevin) @ Redskins

Kev got Bill with the 2 point conversion on the 1st TD. On the 2nd TD, Bill recovered by scoring 1 on a PAT while Kev’s 2-point try failed.

Year Total: Bill leads 6-4

THIS WEEK: Since we didn’t do this last week we will be picking 2 games this week.

1st TD:

PAT: Vikings (Kevin) @ Bears

2 Point Conversion: Raiders (Bill) @ Buccaneers

2nd TD:

PAT: Patriots (Bill) @ Bills

2 Point Conversion: Lions @ Texans (Kevin)

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