NFL Quick 6: Week 5

1. The Vikings are the lone undefeated team now at 5-0. They are a lock for the playoffs, right?

Kevin: I wouldn’t say a lock, but if they can stay healthy I would say there’s a 99.9% chance they make the playoffs. Their defense is just too good, and their offense is decent enough to win them games.

Bill: Wait for it… It’s coming. Dr. Sleeves is coming!!
Since 1990:
’93 Saints
’03 Vikings
’09 Giants
’09 Broncos
Coming soon: ’16 Vikings

2. The AFC South is a mess. The Texans lead the division at 3-2, but haven’t looked impressive lately. Are the Texans still the favorites to win the division?

Kevin: I guess so? I honestly can see any team winning this division, even the Jags! Nobody stands out, and it will come down to whichever team can have the best record within the division.

Bill: Jags are held back too much by poor coaching. Texans are probably going to win this division. Titans have a slight chance but I’d be shocked.

3. The Falcons went into Mile High and get a win, giving them a 2 game lead over the Bucs in the NFC South. Which team is more likely to lose their division, Falcons or Patriots?

Kevin: We have seen this story before with the Falcons, aka their 5-0 start last season, but they are a better team this season. But why would I bet against the Patriots? They have won the AFC East 12 out of the last 13 seasons, so I’m going to keep picking the Patriots until another team proves me wrong.

Bill: This question? Really? Come on man. Brady wasn’t even playing the year they missed the playoffs! Falcons Shmalcons.

4. You have to play the rest of the season with Tannehill, Bortles, or Osweiler. Which one will you take as your starting QB?

Kevin: Brock has not looked good in Houston, and dare I say maybe they should’ve kept Brian Hoyer. There’s just no reason he shouldn’t be having a better season with DeAndre Hopkins and Roman Catholic Alumnus Will Fuller V. I will take Tannehill, and that is saying more about my opinions on Bortles and Brock than how much I like Tannehill.

Bill: WOW. Bortles all the way. Tannehill does get waaaaaay too much hate (especially down here in Miami … um he never had good players (except Landry) and has been sacked more than anyone in the last few years) but he is bottom 10 in this decent-to-good QB-soaked league. (Did that sentence make any sense?!) I know Bortles has had a rough start but I’d take him any day.

5. Carson Wentz loses his first game in the NFL and throws his first interception on the final drive. The Eagles had to come back from a double digit deficit and fell short in the final minutes. Will the Eagles be in trouble if they continue to fall behind?

Kevin: Well they actually took the lead in the 4th, but a Ryan Mathews’ fumble killed their chances. But they decided to run the ball on 3rd and 2, when a first down would’ve ended the game. This was obviously the wrong decision. Pederson will need to trust his rookie QB more if this team will win the close games.

Bill: Ryan Mathews “fumble.” Let’s check the tape on that one… The INT is the most overrated one in NFL history. I cannot stand Philadelphia radio’s overreaction to every damn thing. They took a ridiculous shot down field and the wide receiver was ABUSED on the play. That’s not a real INT. We lost one game. To quote Colin Cowherd, “Who gives a rip?”

6. The Jets, Bengals, and Chiefs all looked awful in their last games, and their poor play has really opened up the wildcard situation in the AFC. Which 2 teams will get the wildcards?

Kevin: Well the South is only getting 1 team in the playoffs. I don’t think the Bills will continue to play at this high of a level for the rest of the season, so I will take the Raiders and the Chiefs. Let’s just hope that Jamaal Charles is fully healthy and the Chiefs can recover from that blowout loss to the Steelers.

Bill: I’ll take the Bengals and the RAIIIIDAAAAS. The Steelers would have blown out almost anyone coming off that game so I think it says nothing about the Chiefs. That being said I just think the Bengals will recover from this slump. Also, I think it’s finally the Raiders time. The young talent comes together and brings Oakland back from the dead.

Extra Point or Go for Two?
PAT: Rams @ Cardinals (Kevin)
2 Point Conversion: London Game – Colts vs. Jaguars (Bill)
Kevin should just keep going for 2 because he can’t make a PAT to save his life. Bill on the other hand takes a commanding lead converting 2 with the Jaguars win.
Year Total: Bill leads 5-2

THIS WEEK: Since we didn’t do this last week we will be picking 2 games this week.
1st TD:
PAT: Bengals @ Patriots
2 Point Conversion: Chiefs (Kevin) @ Raiders (Bill)
2nd TD:
PAT: 49ers @ Bills (Bill(s))
2 Point Conversion: Eagles (Kevin) @ Redskins

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