NFL Quick 6: Week 3

NFL Quick 6
1. Eagles embarrassed the Steelers, the so-called “Best offense in the NFL”, and everyone who bet on the game.

Kevin: No question needed for this statement. Everyone was laughing at the -3.5 spread for the Steelers last week, and the Eagles defense held the Steelers to 3 points! Nobody thinks the Steelers’ defense is good, but for them to only to score 3 points is both humiliating for them and impressive for the much improved Eagles’ defense.

Bill: I didn’t learn much from Wentz in this game. I learned a lot about this Eagles D. Everyone is bragging about Houston and Minnesota, but the Birds may have a top 5 defense this year. I was a shocked as anyone by this result. I was hoping for a loss by < 10 points.

2. If it wasn’t for the Eagles, the Patriots would have had the most impressive victory last week. A 27-0 win with Jacoby Brissett?!? Is Bill Belichick the best professional sports coach in our lifetime?

Kevin: Well to me it comes down to Belichick and Gregg Popovich, and nobody is even close to them. These two have consistently have had their teams at the top of their respective leagues for the entire 21st century. I don’t want to cop out and not pick one, so I will say Belichick since the NFL is more difficult to be consistently dominant, and he has led his team to the AFC Championship Game for the last 5 years, which is ridiculous. Honorable Mention: Bruce Bochy.
Bill: Bill Bellichick is by far and away the greatest professional sports coach in our lifetime. Pop is by far and away the second greatest. Every year Bill’s teams do something that make us shake our head. Put me in coach, I’m sure you could figure out a way to make me useful.
3. Marcus Peters has 13 INTs in 21 career NFL games. Is he the best Cornerback in the NFL?

Kevin: The dude is a magnet. I definitely don’t think he is the best shut-down corner in the league, but you can’t argue that he is not a turnover machine. You might be able to beat him a few times in a game, but he definitely takes risks like Asante Samuel did. Not the best, but in the conversation.
Bill: INTs do NOT equal best corner. That’s just silly. Great corners are shied away from and don’t allow their recievers to get open. He’s a baiter. Asante Samuel is an excellent comparison. Long story short, he wouldn’t be my top pick at corner. You’ve always been right about this, Patrick Peterson is the best damn corner in the league. He has been for a while.
4. It is that time of the week again. The Vikings are now 3-0 after an impressive win against the Panther, so here we go. Will the Vikings make the playoffs?

Kevin: Yes! I’m finally a believer. This Vikings’ defense is so impressive, and they can lead this team to the playoffs with a competent Sam Bradford at the helm.

Bill: I’m still laughing. Although, there is a little bit of nervous laughter sprinkled in there. Their D is excellent, but cannot sustain this level of dominance over the course of 16 games. Bradford has look good so far, but he will revert back to Dr. Sleeves shortly enough.

5. Time to talk Terrelle Pryor. He ran, he threw, he caught, and he even lined up at Safety. The Browns have found many ways to utilize him, but will other teams catch on?

Kevin: It will be difficult to duplicate that type of success consistently for Pryor. The Redskins will focus on him this week, but Josh Gordon returns in Week 5, and Corey Coleman will be back soon enough. Once all of their weapons are back, this team should be interesting to watch. Weird to say something like that about the Cleveland Browns.

Bill: HAHAHAHA interesting to watch? Come on man. Two weeks ago you asked if they were going to 0-16. This team is terrible. Pryor may be a stud (Troy Brown 2.0?) or he may be a super athletic guy on a team that has terrible players. I’m betting the latter.

6. Ryan Fitzpatrick threw 6 interceptions last week. 6! Now the Jets have the Seahawks, Steelers, Cardinals, and Ravens in their next 4 games. Will the Jets make the playoffs?

Kevin: After their win against the Bills I would’ve said yes. But they have already lost to the Bengals and Chiefs, and I won’t be surprised if they lose out on a playoff spot on a tie-breaker with one of those teams. I say they don’t make the playoffs.

Bill: There are too many good teams in the AFC for me to bet on the lame Jets. Who doesn’t pull their QB after 4 picks? Geno can’t be that bad. If it wasn’t clear, I also say they don’t make the playoffs.

Extra Point or Go for Two?
PAT: 49ers @ Seahawks (Bill)
2 Point Conversion: Raiders (Kevin) @ Titans
A much needed two point conversion this week for Kevin, after falling behind by 2 in the first week. Bill conservatively took the PAT, and retains his lead.
Year Total: Bill leads 3-2
PAT: Rams @ Cardinals (Kevin)
2 Point Conversion: London Game – Colts vs. Jaguars (Bill)

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