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NFL Quick 6: Week 7

Arian Foster retires. How will he be remembered?   Kevin: Foster will go down as one of the greatest undrafted RBs of all-time (Even though I just found out that Pries Holmes was undrafted as well). And Foster was a guy who started 3 years for an SEC school in college. Teams don’t usually miss […]

NFL Quick 6: Week 5

1. The Vikings are the lone undefeated team now at 5-0. They are a lock for the playoffs, right? Kevin: I wouldn’t say a lock, but if they can stay healthy I would say there’s a 99.9% chance they make the playoffs. Their defense is just too good, and their offense is decent enough to […]

NFL Quick 6: Week 3

NFL Quick 6: Week 3

NFL Quick 6 1. Eagles embarrassed the Steelers, the so-called “Best offense in the NFL”, and everyone who bet on the game. Kevin: No question needed for this statement. Everyone was laughing at the -3.5 spread for the Steelers last week, and the Eagles defense held the Steelers to 3 points! Nobody thinks the Steelers’ […]