Podcast: November 5th BLS Radio Show

In this week’s BLS Radio Show, with Bob Long, Sean Hannon, and Ryan Holmes, we discussed the MLB Postseason Awards candidates, including the NL Cy Young and Manager of the Year award. (Start-17:30). We then moved on to discuss the Penn State Maryland game, including the recent struggles of the offense and offensive line, as well as the pre-game “no-handshake” from the Maryland players and what that means in context and if it has begun a distaste for Maryland amongst Penn Staters (17:30-58:45). After the break, we continued our awards discussion with the Rookie of the Year, Cy Young, Manager of the Year, and MVP Awards. We also had a great debate on the attitude of the BBWAA on steroid-users with regard to the MVP award as well as with regard to Hall of Fame voting, and how/if the process will or should change (1:00:50-1:53:38). We then continued our Awards discussion, briefly hit college basketball and the NBA, and then closed the show with our final thoughts (1:53:28-Finish).


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