Pick and Roll Podcast (Offseason Edition)

This NBA Offseason has not lacked big story-lines. Bill and Kevin discuss all of the major events that have occurred during this NBA Offseason including  the Kevin Love Trade (00:45) and all of its implications. We then take a look at the major contenders in the Eastern Conference (09:30), and which teams we think we will be able to contend with the Cavaliers, specifically how the Pacers will do with the losses of Paul George and Lance Stephenson . We finish the Eastern Conference by discussing the Philadelphia 76ers (45:30) and our opinions on the idea of tanking. We begin the Western Conference discussion (1:03:50) with the implications on the Clippers being sold and if a  team with so much talent can make the next step. After some Kobe and Nash talk, we discuss more on the top teams in the Western Conference (1:20:10). We end this podcast with our season expectations and predictions for the regular season (1:48:00).


Podcast link: http://www.hulkshare.com/boblongsports/offseason-pick-roll


My name is Kevin McClernand and I reside in Colorado Springs, Colorado, working for Lockheed Martin, and am a graduate of Penn State University. I started writing for Bob Long Sports in April 2011 and I now, along with Bill Golden, host the Pick and Roll Podcast on BLS. I also update the site’s NBA and NFL Mock Draft pages that will continue to be updated up until the drafts occur. I mainly focus on the NBA, College Basketball, and the NFL.

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