My name is Kevin McClernand and I reside in Colorado Springs, Colorado, working for Lockheed Martin, and am a graduate of Penn State University. I started writing for Bob Long Sports in April 2011 and I now, along with Bill Golden, host the Pick and Roll Podcast on BLS. I also update the site’s NBA and NFL Mock Draft pages that will continue to be updated up until the drafts occur. I mainly focus on the NBA, College Basketball, and the NFL.

2 responses to “Bold Predictions For NBA Season”

  1. Andy Wang

    Great articles and predictions Kevin. Number 1 is a very bold pick indeed but definitely not out of the question. The west is really jumbled up right now. With the Lakers and Mavericks (1-2 and 0-2) not even looking like playoff teams at this point and with sleeper teams such as Portland, Memphis, LA Clippers, and wait for it… the Golden State Warriors. Hell, even the completely different New Orleans Hornets look strong in the beginning once again. It’ll be interesting to see, but I do think the Oklahoma City Thunder are the team to beat in the west and Kevin Durant will be the MVP of regular season, but any team in the west can steal it. It’s hard to admit but it definitely looks like the NBA is shifting to younger, flashy athletic teams era and it looks like the old timer teams (Lakers, Spurs, Mavericks) windows for winning are slowing shutting. There shouldn’t be much question that the Miami Heat are without a doubt the favorite for the Eastern conference and the NBA all together with their big 3 knowing how to play together now and 28th pick Norris Cole looking like a steal now and their bench only upgraded. But the Bulls, Knicks, Celtics of course can never be slept on either. All in all, it’s great to have the NBA back.

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