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2 responses to “BLS Panel: NHL Predictions”

  1. Kirk

    Just wanted to make my own comments –

    The Flyers also lost Ville Leino who can easily be a 20 goal-scorer. Where is their offense going to come from? The emergence of JVR and Giroux is pretty much what the team is banking on, and given their performances in the past postseason (and the whole year for Giroux) it doesn’t seem like much of a long shot that they can be replaced. But the key to the Flyers for me is that they finally addressed their goaltending issue with the signing of Ilya Bryzgalov. While I’m personal to think we gave him too many years, simply because Sergei Bobrovsky looks like he could be the real deal, Bryzgalov brings them a true number 1, something they haven’t had since Hextall.

    In the Northeast, what about Buffalo? I understand both your points and the Bruins do support one of the best 1-2 punches in net with Thomas and Rask but what people seem to forget because of their Stanley Cup win is that they struggled to put pucks in the net last season. They basically banked on Thomas to keep them in a lot of games, which he did last year with his Vezina worthy performance, both in the regular season and the playoffs. So where is this team going to score? While I don’t necessarily think that Buffalo will win the Northeast, they have a good chance. Ryan Miller, a top goalie in the league, Tyler Myers coming into his own and the additions of Regehr and Ehrhoff, not to mention the Ville Leino signing, Buffalo could, and I think should, compete at a very high level.

    The Caps seem like a lock in the Southeast, mostly because the division is weak. Granted, Carolina and Florida could be formidable and Tampa did go to the Eastern Conference Finals last year. Winnipeg…well at least they have a team again
    Out West, the Central is hard to pick because the Wings are aging, the Blackhawks seem to be almost completely different from their Cup-winning team of 2010 and Nashville has Pekka Rinne, but not a huge lot of support. Still, I like your picks of the Wings.

    The Northwest almost seems like a given to be the Canucks with the Sedin twins, Kesler and Luongo leading the way.

    Chris, I like your pick of the Kings and tend to agree. Kopitar, Richards and Brown are all very good and Doughty is one of the best D-men in the game. I think Quick is undervalued by people, like you said, because he plays out West, but don’t forget about Jonathan Bernier – their organization is very high on him and I think Quick and Bernier may be the best goalie combo in the entire league.

  2. Kirk

    Forgot to add into my Atlantic division section that I agree, Bob, that the Rangers will win the division, though I think they’ll choke come playoff time

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