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3 responses to “Phil Jackson’s Mark on the NBA”

  1. Andy Wang

    Once again, great article and a nice tribute to Jackson. I don’t think Jackson is done either, it’ll be like Brett Favre effect I think, he was gunning for a championship his “last” year and fell short in an ugly fashion and that wouldn’t be how he wants to go out. If Jackson coaches a new team, I agree it’ll be one of those teams you listed above, I mean, Jackson always seems to land on the team with plenty of talent. (Though that isn’t the only reason he wins his 11 championships) It’d be interesting to see him use his triangle offense in any of those teams. They all have the pieces to succeed with Jackson, but seeing him with OKC or Chicago would definitely be really interesting. The triangle offense would be really interesting in Chicago with Rose, Noah, and Deng/Boozer or with Durant/Westbrook and a lot of other combos.

  2. jesus ramos

    i could see him returning to chicago after taking a year off especially if thibodeau fails and if they have a chance to land dwight howard and a few pieces thibodeau has come under heat because of his poor offensive coaching and not drawing the right plays up aganist miami thibodeau will not get rose a ring jackson is the coach he needs

  3. Sharleena

    Your posting really stargihtneed me out. Thanks!

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