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3 responses to “Did the Eagles Have a Plan?”

  1. Kevin Quinn

    I have no clue what the eagles were thinking. McDermott was their best option by far. I do think though that they should change to a 3-4 defence because it seems like all of the best defences in the league are 3-4 or the cover 2, which to me seems like a slight variation of the 3-4.

  2. Chris Pierangeli

    Thanks for the comment Kevin. I agree that Sean McDermott seemed to be the best choice and was simply the scape goat. As far as changing to the 3-4 defense, or even the cover 2, I think the Eagles would still need to bring in more play-makers, particularly at the linebacker position. For example, while Stewart Bradley has shown great play at times, he continues to get hurt, and the young Jamar Chaney needs to play more before we can decide if he can become a consistent starter. Even the line may have trouble because their strength is in their quickness, and ability to rotate players, rather than in their size. However, under the right coach and with the right players, those formations can bring success.

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