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2 responses to “Defining a “Michigan Man””

  1. Aaron Rape

    Very Good article. I don’t understand why assistants at consistently successful programs get passed over for candidates with mediocre success but head coaching experience.

    And limiting the search to alumni is just stupid. I am afraid Penn State may head down that road whenever Paterno decides to quit.

  2. jon day

    The term Michigan Man predates Bo ( ( The origin is attributed to various peopel, mostly Fielding Yost and Bo Schembechler. In reality, the origin is unverified and unknown. Blogs like this fail to validate, let alone provide sources, which leads to an ever-increasing amount of inaccurate information and unsubstantiated opinions. I realize that most living today were not watching Fielding when he was coaching and speaking. Thus, all we know is Bo’s speeches which included the “Michigan Man” reference including the Frieder firing. The origin of Michigan Man? No one really knows! The definition? Everyone has one!

    The irony is that neither Fielding nor Bo were from Michigan nor attended UM. Matter of fact, Bo was born, bred, educated and trained as a coach in Ohio. Yes, he is a Buckeye and spent more years in Ohio, both coaching and playing, than he did at UM. He also used 144 starters from Ohio in his 19 years as coach and AD (only 6 from MI started at OSU during this time). Both Bos Heisman winners were Buckeyes, also (OSU’s 7 winners were all born and bred Buckeyes). Yes, a Michigan Man is a winner and not from Michigan. He also recruits Buckeyes to keep OSU from getting the better talent. Lastly, a Michigan Man is a leader exuding ethics, class and sportsmanship. Bo walked the talk. Jim Harbaugh not so much. 4 recruiting violations in his first months on the job. Sore loser who even called out a former teammate for cheating when he lost his role as back-up to McMahon. If the other player had cheated, what are the odds that Mike Ditka would have promoted over Harbaugh vs. disciplined or, more likely, cut him? Jimmy was born in Ohio, went to UM and is not a Michigan Man by his actions unless UM desires to become the “U”…and we all know what their path was and has lead. There is still time to recruit Les or a real Michigan Man. Matter of fact, using the go get Woody’s boy to beat him, it might be a good idea to go after Tom Herman or even Jim Tressell. (Note: Les, Tom and Tressell are from Ohio like Bo and Jimmy, but are not whiney. All have national titles as head or asst coaches.)

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