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3 responses to “What Happened to Ryan Miller?”

  1. KQ

    I like it. Great insite on Niemi although I was quite impressed with his performance. But how bout flyers new goalie bobrovski?! Hes ridiculously good

    1. Bob Long

      Sergei is playing very well, there’s no doubt. Nice win over the Caps Saturday night as well. Flyers look good so far.

  2. PHI

    Definitely agree with the main point of defense being critical for a goalie’s success, but there are a few things I disagree with. For one, a major issue that led to the release of Niemi was Chicago’s cap crunch. They have been crippled by contracts like that of Campbell, a number 3 defenseman at best who is making an average of $7.182 million per year for the next 6 or so years. Niemi was let go for the same reason Dustin Byfuglien and Kris Versteeg were traded: an increase in cap hit.

    On the subject of Fleury, he is what he always will be: a streaky goaltender. When he’s locked in, he’s unbeatable; when he’s not, he’s coughing up the puck in key situations. Gonchar was definitely good on defense, but Pittsburgh will miss his offense more than his defense. I wouldn’t say that Fleury was really exploited at the beginning of the season, just that he was on one of his low confidence tears, combined with some awful defense (there’s that main point again) from newcomers Paul Martin and Zbynek Michalek. Pittsburgh’s defense has come together now, as has Fleury, resulting in the team they’ve been on.

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