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4 responses to “The Power of the FCS”

  1. brouhahasports

    I always thought that the scholarship limitations in FBS would allow the non BCS conferences to catch up (e.g., Sun Belt, MAC). I guess it has allowed talent to filter down to FCS instead.

  2. Robert E. Lee

    Finally an article that explains not only the “new” terminology, but also helps with the parity issues that are so obvious when the big boys play the little sisters. thanks for a fine article.

  3. Jeff Hamlin

    I agree, I was searching forever for some simple explanation on FCS and FBS, and this made it quite clear.
    I have one question, prior to the implementation of the change – which you have stated was to deter any idea of inferiority between D-1A and D-1AA, what was the criteria that defined the difference between the divisions 1-A and 1-AA?
    It seems the the research to ascertain what classification a school should be placed into based on football resources allocated was done to support the new FCS/FBS but what did the former criteria mean?

    1. Bob Long


      Thanks for the comment.

      There actually were no prior criteria. The distinction was always for the same reasons, but a perception existed among the public which was not founded correctly. The fact that the subdivisions were called D1-A and D1-AA furthered the perception among the public that the “D1-A” was significantly better (simply because the second “A” made it seem that way). Then, the terminology was then changed in a way that made it more clear that the two subdivisions are the two parts of Division 1 as a whole (FCS and FBS).

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