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2 responses to “What Happened to the Villanova Wildcats?”

  1. mathclub4

    I really believe that Jay Wright is one of the major problems with the team. He completely go outcoached during that game and really struggled to find any kind of flow for nova. Thats what i believe hurt us in the end. The depth and constant substitution. Why are we switching players in and out so much when players like sutton and armwood will go in to either dunk or make a big block. We dont need it we got other guys who can do that stuff. Jay seemed to be showcasing a lot of his young talent towards the end of the season because he probably felt obligated to play these young fellows since he promised that they would be apart of something special and being on the bench is usually not being apart of it. If Jay would calm the jeff down with the subbing i think nova would have been fine. These are high level athletes. Theyre not ur avergae joes out there who arent in shape and need rest. Jay needed to pick his top 7(or even 8 for petes sake)and play them because the top players would rather play than take unneccesary rest. Jay needs to learn to cool with the subbing so the top guys can really get into a rhythem and do some damage.

    1. Bob Long

      Fair enough. Personally I think Jay is a top 5 coach in the country, and I don’t think I would take anyone else over him. Here’s what Jay does. He consistently recruits out of New York and North Jersey, two of the most fertile areas for talent in the country. Also, he gets these players to stay for four years. Who was the last Nova player to leave early? As far as I know Kyle Lowry was the only one under Jay, because Bradley was under Lappas as far as I remember, and either way, Bradley had just transferred the year before anyway. Basically, Jay gets the best talent and gets it to stay for four years, which has allowed Nova to be one of the most stable programs in the country for years now.

      Also, I firmly believe the only reason we lost that game was because of Samhan (obvious, I know). But I believe people are overjudging the 10 man rotation as the problem. If we got Samhan in trouble by playing Pena even just 22 minutes, which would be 10 minutes more than he did play, he could have had 15 points and could have gotten Samhan in trouble. In addition, if we had decided to run more I don’t believe Samhan would have been able to catch up. I don’t think the 10 man rotation was the problem. Although, to your point, a 10 man rotation doesn’t seem applicable when the team isn’t playing up tempo as we should be. In that case a 10 man rotation would be a very valuable asset. However, I still don’t think that was the problem. I think the lack of explosiveness exemplified by both our style of play and the playing of Mouph over Pena were the main problems.

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