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7 responses to “Snubs”

  1. Jimmy Lagreca (Jim Lags)

    biggest snub? temple a 5 seed

    biggest joke? nova a 2 seed

    1. Bob Long

      Agree about Temple, that wasn’t the intent of the entry. However, I do believe Temple was a clear cut 4 seed.

      To the Nova comment, I can’t help but disagree. I honestly don’t see a 3 seed to put above us. Georgetown? Nova had a better resume over the course of the entire year and a run by Georgetown in the conference tournament wasn’t enough to jump the Cats. Pitt? While they did beat Nova, they did not have the resume that the Cats did, and were ranked behind Nova all year. New Mexico? Stop it. They haven’t had nearly enough quality wins in a mediocre conference. Baylor? The Bears have never been ranked above the Cats this season, and suffered a similar fate in the first round of their conference tournament. How about the 4 seeds? Wisconsin, Vanderbilt, Maryland, Purdue? One can not make a strong argument for any of those teams.

      So the biggest joke I see is the fact that you make a general statement about Villanova without any reason or facts explaining why you think Nova should not be a 2 seed.

  2. Drew ansel

    An in tournament team that got snubbed, Temple. Beating villanova, Richmond and Xavier, as well as a couple bubble teams (dayton, URI times 2) there is no reason they shouldn’t have atleast a 4. Purdue minus Hummel is not a better team, I also believe Cornell, their opponent deserved a higher seeding. Cornell was a top 25 team until a surprising loss to Penn, but they did beat some quality teams, and nearly beat Kansas mod season.

    1. Bob Long

      Cornell hasn’t beaten anybody.

  3. Matt

    Well you cant penalize purdue for hummel getting hurt. The seeds have to be based on the full season and you cant rule out the quality of purdues season as an enitrety ( if thats a word) in that case i dont disagree with purdue getting a 4 seed. I do agree that temple got snubbed and deserved at least a 4..perhaps slide vanderbilt to the 5? I also think nova is questionable not so much for the seed but the bracket they were placed in. If they were in Kansas’s bracket i dont think there would be as much complaint. The fact is that they were the worst two seed and got placed in the easiest bracket. For people questioning the 2 seed, i would agree but echoing bob here looking at the 3 seeds who would you put as a the 4th 2 seed. New Mexico certaintly isnt a 2 coming out of a mid major and losing in the semis of the conference tournament.Gtown was the 8 seed in the big east tournament they had a big enough climb to get the 3. Pitt couldve played themselves into it in the big east tournament but didnt so it was novas to lose and nobody took it from them. As far as jokes i want to know what the hell was going through the comittees mind when they selected wake forest to the field of 65. On top of that a 9 seed? WOW. To va tech supporters i agree, the hokies finished the season with a better record in conference and overall than wake and beat the deacons twice.

    1. Bob Long

      I don’t feel that Virginia Tech was a snub, but I do think that Wake should not have been in the tournament either. I think Illinois and Seton Hall were snubbed. In addition, see my March 16th blog “A Note to the Selection Committee about the ACC,” for my thoughts about the seeding of Wake Forest and the ACC at large. I think that you would enjoy and agree with that entry judging by your opinions expressed here. But back to Virginia Tech, they didn’t beat anyone, and thereby don’t deserve a tournament bid. Of course, as mentioned above, neither should UTEP and Utah State considering the strength (or lack thereof) of schedule.

  4. Matt

    Correction va tech only beat wake forest once, still doesnt effect the fact much that they were the more deserving team, especially with the way wake finished the season.

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