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2 responses to “Bracketology”

  1. Jimmy Lagreca (Jim Lags)

    I am going to start by saying very well written article Bob, but you did a VERY< VERY bad job of looking at the whole picture. I of all people hate Joe Lunardi. He is a rat–looks like one and acts like one, but I will tel you one thing. He is damn good at his job. He is supposed to project the the field of 65 to the best of his ability as he sees the NCAA committee doing so. And believe he has done so two weeks ago, last week, this weeks, and for the weeks to come. What I don't think you understand Bob is that the committee does not give charity bids for playing in the Big East. Yes, it is the hardest conference in the country by far, but you STILL need to win basketball games. When teams like Cinci finish 7-9 in conference play, they do not deserve to get into the tourney just because they play in the Big East. Even though it isnt I think the NCAA should make it a rule that no team can finish under 500 inconference and get an atlarge bid, but thats jus my opinion. I know you obviously do not feel this way. Quite frankly Bob, the committee could give two shits about what conference yo playin whether i by the Big Sky, the ACC, the Horizon, or the A10, it comes down to numbers (RPI, SOS, RPI TOP 50 WINS), and what have you done for me lately. Now in your article, you specifically attacked Temple for having a 5 seed in Lunardi's latest bracketology. I didn'y do a ton a research being that it is a Wednesday night and I am trying to go out tonight, but I did do a little and it seems Temple fits in perfectly with the rest of the 5 seeds (Pitt, Ohio State, Gonzaga). In this order here are the stats I looked up and let me say the NCAA committee specifically looks at this stuff when determining seeds. RPI- TU 17, PITT 18, OSU 40, GONZ 24 SOS- TU 41, PITT 15, OSU 86, GONZ 68 RPI TOP 50 WINS- TU 4, PITT 3, OSU 4, GONZ 2. Now from look at just those first three stats that i have looked up, Temple is more than worthy of there 5 seed if not even a 4 seed (I was too lazy to look up their numbers). What I think your problem is Bob is that you can't grasp the fact that maybe some of these smaller conferences are actually good. You them went on to say that all of the last four BE teams out deserve an at large before the 5 A10 teams that recived them. For the purpose of saving time so I can go shower I am just going to list RPI's, but ill write down SOS and RPI TOP 50 WINS and hand them to you after. Marq 60, Cinci 55, ND 59, SF 50. RICH 31, X 26, DAY, 34, RI 12, CHAR 45. The A10 clearly beats the BE in the numbers game. Now this may sound retarded, but do I think all of those A10 teams are actually better than the BE teams? My answer is some yes, but some no. However, the way the NCAA committee looks at it (therefore so does Joe Lunardi) they all deserve to rceive at large bids over the BE schools. Lastly, if BE teams like MARQ are going to complain about this, I have a suggestion for them. Instead of opening up against teams like centenary, md easter shore, grambling st, and south dakota pick a few MAC school to play. when they do this, they shoot themselves in the foot when it comes to RPI and SOS which is what the committee really looks at, NOT that they play in the Big East

  2. Matt

    Well Jim to answer your question…why open up against teams like centenary, Uconn took the opposite approach by playing Duke, Kentucky, and Texas out of conference and it backfired completely. Another thing, if you believe that Charlotte deserves a bid in the NCAA tournament your a spokesperson for the A-10. This is a team who just lost by 28 to Dayton, lost by 33 to Old Dominion, 42 to Duke, and 17 to Tennessee so there lone win against Louisville really doesnt make up for those embarassing performances. Pardon me for not thinking the A-10 is as good as the major conferences when one of its major teams has gotten trounced in every chance at proving themselves. Now lets look at the profile of Dayton who is now a sure tournament team after that impressive win against Charlotte, well there only big win if you even want to call it that is a 4 point victory over an average GT team, however since they beat up on the A-ten they must be good right. Xavier another team that is projected in the tournament just lost 25 points to Dayton and there lone impressive win is a 4 point overtime win against state rival cinci. In looking at other big games, they lost by 10 to Marquette ( one of the garbage games you mentioned for the Golden Eagles to open up the season), lost to butler, wake forest, and kansas state. Impressive resume.

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