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6 responses to “Non-Major Conference College Basketball Top 10”

  1. Michael Cassidy

    Gonzaga would beat Temple by 10-12 points. I like TU, but they don’t match-up at all. Have you watched them play? Matt Bouldin is so good. Elias Harris is a first-round pick, easy. Steven Gray is a rich man’s, very rich man’s, ryan brooks. Robert Sacre is probably the second biggest name of all of em, and demetrius goodson is so incredibly fast. Believe the hype Bob, trust me

  2. Drew ansel

    I disagree here with the placement of Xavier. Seeing as they struggled mightily to beat a short handed, injury stricken laSalle club. Cornell played Kansas as tough as any team and definatly believe they would handle Xavier.

  3. Owlified

    Gonzaga would not beat Temple by 10-12 points.

    1. Michael Cassidy

      Yes they would owlified. I’ve seen them both in person. Gonzaga is much more talented, and while I believe dunph to be a top 5 x’s and o’s coach in college basketball, mark few is right there as well. Neutral site, 10-12 point victory.

  4. Michael Cassidy

    Temple just lost to charlotte by ten owlified. Jim Lags you’re my boy

  5. Jimmy Lagreca (Jim Lags)

    I don’t come around these neck of the woods too often with my real persona (i’m normally go by my alias Pete Zahut)…but YOU BITE YOUR TONGUE Mike Cassidy. The owls would take down the zagss…believe the hype. The A10 is for reallllllllllllllllll

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