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2 responses to “Categorization of Sports Fans”

  1. Jeff Irwin

    First of all, I read this article from bottom to top; I tought it made more sense that way. Second of all, I think it’s pretty cool that I know the author. I’d say I’m a general fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers, but I slightly disagree with your catagorization. I think I have a fair knowledge of the important history of the Steelers, yet I feel that I have less than average knowledge of the current team. I think it probably depends on the team though; whether they have done well historically (as the Steelers have with their 70’s dynasty) or if it’s just some team that no one really ever cated much about.

  2. KQ

    you are definatly an insane fan of all the teams that you root for. that is tough to do considering you root for the bills, sabers, mets, and cubs

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