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3 responses to “Congress and the BCS?”

  1. Christian Purcell

    Wow! I did not know that Congress was actually thinking about making changes to the BCS system this early. Doesn’t the BCS system have the next three years of bowl games already lined up? So even if something does happen, we won’t be seeing any significant changes for quite some time.

  2. Chris Exas

    Great post Bob!!!! Keep up the great work!

  3. Tommy Toughnuts

    What do you think about congress’ investigations into steroid allegations in the MLB?

    The thing is, college football is a business, it’s an industry. Top teams gross millions upon millions of dollars every season. Notre Dame alone is valued at ~$91 million dollars.

    The gov’t–with the right to break up monopolies–has chosen to allow the monopoly that is the NCAA and, as an extension, the BCS, to proceed without threat of being broken up.

    This gives the gov’t leverage: you let us meddle in your affairs, because we don’t break you up.

    –Tommy Toughnuts

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