NFL Quick 6: Week 5

1. The Vikings are the lone undefeated team now at 5-0. They are a lock for the playoffs, right? Kevin: I wouldn’t say a lock, but if they can stay healthy I would say there’s a 99.9% chance they make the playoffs. Their defense is just too good, and their offense is decent enough to […]

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NFL Quick 6: Week 3

NFL Quick 6: Week 3

NFL Quick 6 1. Eagles embarrassed the Steelers, the so-called “Best offense in the NFL”, and everyone who bet on the game. Kevin: No question needed for this statement. Everyone was laughing at the -3.5 spread for the Steelers last week, and the Eagles defense held the Steelers to 3 points! Nobody thinks the Steelers’ […]

NFL Quick 6: Week 2

1. Last week I asked if the Vikings will make the playoffs and Bill laughed at me. So after an impressive game against the Packers, but they also have to deal with the injury to Adrian Peterson, will Sam Bradford and the Vikings make the playoffs? Kevin: I said no last week, but after seeing […]